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As our clients, you are always in the forefront of our thinking, planning and execution.

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We provide professional and confidential advice on various financial products that match your needs over time.

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Our financial solutions are tailor-made for each client. We design customized financial plans that cater directly to you. Only you.


Your trusted financial advisor.

We are a Southeast Asian financial advisory firm. Since our establishment in 2014, Bill Morrisons Group has been recognized by our clients as a trusted, dependable and capable financial advisory firm in Malaysia.The Bill Morrisons Group consists of several operating entities which is in the business of providing financial advisory services in Malaysia and across the region.

Bill Morrisons International Ltd was established in 2014 and licensed by Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA).

Bill Morrisons Wealth Management Sdn Bhd (BMWM), established in 2017, is a Capital Markets Services License company licensed by Securities Commission of Malaysia (SC).

It is also an approved Financial Advisory firm under the Financial Services Act 2013 by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

BMWM is also a licensed Corporate Unit Trust Agency (CUTA) under the Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia (FIMM).

At Bill Morrisons Group, we bring diverse backgrounds in financial services, deep expertise in capital markets, experienced investment strategists to serve the unique and specialized needs of our discerning customers.

We partner with fund managers and advisory firms to design the best investment package for you. After all, your financial ambition is our constant endeavor.


Your trusted financial advisor.

At Bill Morrisons Group, we are guided by a set of values that represent our identity, our character, and our ambition as professional financial advisors.

We believe our successes were derived from the strong partnership we have with our clients.

As we share our values with you, we want to forge an enduring bond of trust, respect and friendship. Your financial ambition is our constant endeavor.

Integrity and Trust is the foundation of our business

We Partner for Endurance, Collaboration and Sustainability

Thought Leadership and Intellectual Curiosity Motivates Us

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Our Range of Services
Investment Access
Risk Management
Financial Planning

At Bill Morrisons, once you entrust us to craft a financial plan, we put our total effort and diligence to identify, select and choose a suitable range of products that matches your needs and expectations.

Some clients may start with a basic financial plan which is upgraded over time to cover all eventualities, circumstances and opportunities.

Parents may want a financial plan that covers their childrenís education and health, entrepreneurs may want a plan to cover business-related risks.

At Bill Morrisons, we take every step to ensure our clients are fully engaged and involved in all aspects of their financial well-being.

Investment Advisory Services

At Bill Morrisons, we try to make sense of complexity and uncertainty in global markets to maximize and preserve our clients nest egg. We are conservative, careful and patient in our analysis.

In doing so, Bill Morrisons has earned the trust and confidence of our clients not only in Malaysia but across the region.

We believe in engaging and updating our clients regularly, we believe in equipping ourselves with better knowledge and expertise in different asset classes and products, and we derive great satisfaction and comfort from the performance of our clientsí portfolio.

Financing Services

At Bill Morrisons, we take pride in our enduring relationships with global and local financial institutions.

These relationships have provided our clients with innovative and valuable financial instruments that can support their business needs, personal interests or entrepreneurial ventures.

At Bill Morrisons, we believe in forging long term relationships with our partners and our clients so that we can help you fulfill your financial ambition.

Family Office & Legacy Planning

The greatest gift you can give your loved ones is a well thought-out, well structured financial plan which matches their needs and requirements over time.

At Bill Morrisons, we help our clients achieve peace of mind, comfort and assurance that their gift to their loved ones are treasured and appreciate over time.

We have the ability and resources to set up private wills, trusts, foundations and philanthropy giving and family offices.

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